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hawthorne & poppy events specializes in  planning and designing weddings for couples who have  an appreciation for art & want to show off their personality.

Born from the desire for couples to see the value in meaningful moments and unrepeated art and enjoy the process of creating something unqiue!

Our Values

couples trust us to not only provide open and honest advice, but to also listen to their needs each step of the way.

Hawthorne & Poppy events embraces couples in all forms and believe that love should be celebrated for everyone. 




We believe in helping our couples develop a vision for their wedding that feels true to who they are as a couple and individually.


owner, lead planner & designer

If you've known me for more than five minutes, you know I have a deep love for five things: my daughter, dogs, Italy, music & sweets. There is rarely a day that goes by that I don't enjoy each of these in some way.
You may also see that I practically spend my waking hours day dreaming.  70% of me is probably right-brained and 30% is left-brained. I think this is why I love wedding planning - I get to use my artistic side more often than not, but there is still a good balance of analytics as well. 
I love thinking outside of the box and finding new ways of doing traditional things. I see each wedding as an artistic reflection of your love, your lives together, and your personalities. Your wedding should embrace who you were, who you are individually and who you are together.

hawthorne & poppy

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